How to Replace Hey Dude Laces? – Keeping Your Favorite Shoes Looking Great

Hey Dudes are a famous and comfortable shoe brand that many people love. They come in a multiple colors and styles and are perfect for everyday wear. However, over time, the laces on your Hey Dudes can become worn or damaged, and you may need to replace them. If you’re looking for the best replacement laces for Hey Dudes, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best options on the market to help you keep your Hey Dudes looking and feeling their best.

Best Replacement Laces for Hey Dudes – What to Consider Before You Buy:

  • Material
  • Length
  • Style

The Top 5 Replacement Laces for Hey Dudes:

  1. Hickies No-Tie Elastic Laces
  2. Sof Sole Oval Shoe Laces
  3. Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces
  4. OrthoStep Flat Athletic Shoelaces
  5. U-Lace Classic No-Tie Shoelaces

How to Replace Your Hey Dudes Laces – A Step-by-Step Guide:

If you’re ready to replace the laces on your Hey Dudes, it’s a relatively simple process. Here is a step by step guide on how to return your Hey Dudes laces:

Choose the suitable replacement laces:

Look for replacement laces with the same length, width, and style as those with your Hey Dudes. This will ensure a proper fit and match the original look of your shoes.

Remove the old laces: 

Begin by removing the old laces from your shoes. Start at the top and work your way down, gently pulling the laces out of each eyelet.

Prepare the new laces: 

If your replacement laces still need to be laced, thread one end of the lace through the bottom eyelet of the shoe and pull it through until both ends are even.

Lace the shoes: 

Starting at the bottom, thread the lace through each eyelet, pulling it snugly. Please ensure the laces are not twisted or tangled as you lace them.

Tie the laces: 

Once the laces are properly laced through the eyelets, tie them in your preferred style. Double-knotting the laces can help keep them securely in place.

Adjust the fit: 

Once the laces are tied, adjust the fit of your Hey Dudes as needed. The laces should be snug enough to keep your shoes securely on your feet but not so tight that they are uncomfortable.

Repeat for the other shoe: 

Repeat the process for the other shoe to ensure both shoes have new, secure laces.

Following these simple steps, you can replace the laces on your Hey Dudes and keep your shoes looking and feeling their best. Whether you prefer traditional laces or something more modern like elastic no-tie laces, many great options are available to help you find the best replacement laces for your Hey Dudes.

Can You Get New Laces for Hey Dudes?

Absolutely! Hey Dude shoes are well-known for their comfort and versatility, and a great way to keep them looking and feeling their best is by replacing the laces when they wear out.

Luckily, getting new laces for Hey Dudes is easy and affordable. Many retailers that carry Hey Dude shoes also offer replacement laces, either in-store or online. You can also find replacement laces on popular e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay.

When shopping for new laces, make sure to check the length and width of your old laces and the eyelet size of your shoes. This will ensure you get the right size and type of lace for your Hey Dudes.

Replacing the laces on your Hey Dudes can give them a fresh new look and help them stay comfortable and supportive for longer. Plus, it’s an easy and affordable way to prolong the life of your favorite pair of shoes.

So, if you’re finding a way to spruce up your Hey Dudes with a new color or replace worn-out laces, try it! You’ll be glad you did.

Do Hey Dudes Have Laces?

Yes, Hey Dude shoes do come with laces! Most Hey Dude styles have laces that can be adjusted to fit your foot perfectly.

While Hey Dude shoes are known for their slip-on design, many styles also feature laces to provide additional support and security. These laces are often made from durable materials, like cotton or nylon, and come in various colors to match the style of your shoes.

The laces on Hey Dude shoes can be tied in various ways, allowing you to customize the fit and feel of your shoes to your liking. The lace-up design can help prevent your foot from sliding inside the shoe, providing added stability and comfort.

So, whether you prefer slip-on or lace-up shoes, Hey Dude has you covered. With their comfortable and versatile designs, Hey Dude shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and functional shoe that can be worn for various activities.

Can Hey Dude Shoes Be Washed?

Yes, Hey Dude shoes can be washed! Washing your Hey Dude shoes is a great way to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

Before you start, it’s essential to check the care label on your Hey Dude shoes. Some styles may have specific care instructions, so it’s best to follow those to avoid damaging your shoes.

For most Hey Dude styles, you can wash them by hand or in a washing machine. If you’re passing by hand, gently scrub the shoes with a soft brush or sponge and a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and air-dry.

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If washing in a machine, use a delicate or gentle cycle with cool water and mild detergent. Put them inside a pillowcase or laundry bag before adding them to the device to protect your Hey Dudes from getting banged around too much in the wash. Once the cycle is finished, air-dry your shoes.

It is most important to note that you should never put your Hey Dudes in the dryer, as this may cause them to shrink or warp. Instead, let them air-dry in a cool, dry place.

By washing your Hey Dudes regularly, you can keep them looking and feeling their best for longer. So go ahead and let’s give it a try – your feet (and your nose) will thank you!

What are Bungee Laces?

Bungee laces are a type of shoelace designed to be stretchy and adjustable, providing a comfortable and customized fit for your shoes.

Also known as elastic or stretch laces, bungee laces are made from a combination of elastic cord and durable plastic or metal aglets that help hold them securely. This unique design allows you to easily slip your shoes on and off without having to fuss with traditional laces while ensuring a snug and supportive fit when you move.

Bungee laces are popular for athletes, hikers, and anyone looking for a more convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional laces. They come in various colors and lengths to match your shoes and personal style and can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect fit.

With bungee laces, you can say goodbye to the hassle of tying and untying your shoes, and hello to a more comfortable and convenient shoe-wearing experience. So why not try them and see if they’re the right fit for you?

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Replacing your Hey Dudes laces is a simple and affordable way to keep your favorite shoes looking and feeling their best. Whether you prefer traditional laces or something more modern like elastic no-tie laces, there are many great options. By considering factors like material, length, and style, you can find the best replacement laces for Hey Dudes that will provide a secure and comfortable fit and match the original look of your shoes.


How often should I replace my Hey Dudes’ laces?

It depends on how often you wear your Hey Dudes and the type of activities you do while wearing them. If you wear your shoes frequently or participate in activities that stress the laces, you may need to replace them more often. However, if you take good care of your laces and shoes, they may last for several months or even a year before needing to be replaced.

Can I use any laces for my Hey Dudes?

It’s generally recommended to use replacement laces similar to the original ones that came with your Hey Dudes. Look for laces of the right length, width, and style to ensure a proper fit and match the authentic look of your shoes. Using laces that are too long, too short, or the wrong type can affect the fit and comfort of your shoes.

What if I can’t find replacement laces for my specific Hey Dudes style?

If you’re having trouble finding replacement laces that match the specific style of your Hey Dudes, you can contact the manufacturer or a local shoe repair shop for assistance. They can help you find suitable replacement laces or suggest alternative options that work well with your shoes.

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